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    I support you to gather new experiences and reflections about your life in between sessions


All are welcome.

You may find that there is something difficult in your life or you may be curious to go deeper into your life. Meetings with me will always use your existence as a point of beginning, and what we speak about is based on what you want.

Having difficulties can be many things. For me, it is not that important to categorize the difficulty, but much more to examine and lovingly meet the difficulty at deeper and intimate levels from within and between us, and from there give room for a newness to arise.

If you feel an interest in this, please contact me.


My passion is about what life is and how a direct connection with oneself and others opens up deeper, creating the foundation for more unfolding and freedom. Because of this, I chose to become a psychologist and because of this, I chose to travel for many years to sacred places and people.

I am pulled into the unknown and its foundation for what we are as humans. I am pulled into this, that which is not an idea, an age, a profession, or a name. This internal pull has influenced me for as long as I remember. From this, I explore ways of being, in myself, with others and alone, in the body, in the world, and nature. In this pull my humanness is revealed; it shows my needs, fears, shame, sadness, and anger, and in this pull, I also feel that my life is truly happening in love and beauty.

I know that the ability to allow life in the now is key. There are many situations where I forget this, and these situations carry a key to further self-liberation. It can be difficult to find this key on your own. I would like to support you, in the way it is relevant to you, to find your keys to the gates of life.

I am trained in psychology, but I am led by empathy and insight into the present moment. When you meet me, I will speak directly and honestly. I do not put you in a diagnostic box. I’m not trying to impose any beliefs or behaviors on you. I would like to meet you and support you in what you want.


Together we explore what creates obstacles in your life.  Habitual old patterns, traumas, and ideas can prevent our growth and well-being. Often when these are examined and contained from within the core of you, they will organize themselves in better ways and through that create more freedom and connection.

I might support this in you by exploring these themes:

  • What are your deeper yearnings in your life
  • The importance of deeper listening from your body and its sensations in the present moment
  • The circumstances that have created your difficult patterns
  • Your interest and fear in confronting your difficulties
  • Your interest and fear in being more directly in your life
  • What is behind your ideas about yourself and the world
  • The significance of living from a felt sense of who you are


Psychology is knowledge and methods about the human mind, behavior, and relationships. Originally, the word “psychology” meant the study of the spirit, which I understand as the study of the natural stream within that gives life and moves our existence. This fundamental vitalizing aspect is excluded from much of psychology today.

What characterizes my approach is that I use psychological understandings and methods which include attention to the natural, which is given to you from the moment you entered existence. I use elements from Somatic Experiencing, NARM, EFT, and generally humanistic psychology.

The natural is non-verbal and is because of that difficult to describe. The natural flows through all that we are. It vitalizes us and unfolds through us until we die. It can also be described as having natural fundamental qualities and functions that are very different from that which is learned; The natural makes the heart beat, and the breath happen, it is the ground for our ability to sense, feel and think. The natural can be obscured by our conditioned ideas and patterns. But when we have the courage to listen to the natural within us, it will often spontaneously open deeper into its qualities and functions such as strength, joy, creativity, and meaning.

The awareness of psychological understandings combined with resources from the natural provides, as I have learned it internally and with clients, a possibility to more directly reorganize that which are holding you back and from that discover room for greater unfoldment in life.

I am inspired by psycho-spiritual understandings, which are grounded in spiritual experiences, that I also see as part of the natural in us. I have studied Diamond Approach, Enneagram, and Vækstcenterpedagogy. And I am inspired by the traditions of wisdom, such as Christian Gnosticism, Buddhism, Advaita Vedanta, and Kashmir Shaivism. For me, their value lies in their tools and appeal to examine for oneself what life is. I do not directly use these experiences and understandings in our dialogues, but the influence will be there indirectly since I am influenced by these.


Individual session, 50 Minutes:

Students • 100 USD
Regular • 150 USD

Couples session, 90 minutes:

When both are students • 130 USD
Regular • 220 USD

If your financial situation is what prevents you from making contact with me, then please contact me.


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