Corona awakens something in us we all usually don’t relate as directly to – fear of losing people we know, conditions we live in, safety, our health and our own lives. It makes us connect with some of the things we value, which is good, but often not when the movement happens from a place of contraction. But it is a beginning of a proces of connecting with what we value.

Fear is part of being human, it flows in us from the moment we are born, as an instinct trying to help us live. But fear can escalate and prevent the unfoldment of life. But its essence is good, just like any other emotion.

Fear orients itself from something that triggers it in the present towards the learning of the past. And the idea of the future is used to try to navigate in the unknown from the known.

The fear must be met directly in order to be transformed, from the inside of the body. And not moving away but holding it gently. It is a process of several lovingly steps towards opening its layers. As the process opens the layers of fear, it unlocks and shows hidden unlived life within, it unveils gratitude, suddenly you will find yourself in a greater existential living depth – you will feel meaning and life flowing from here.